Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Mazel Tov!!!!

i can't belive i forgot to tell you!!!!
last week was our ultrasound.
my mom, my dad, my kids, my hubby and yes, even my grandpaw came!!!
we had to take shifts so everyone could see. it was very cute, but the pictures came out really bad except for the foot. yes, it was a big foot too! cuz it is a boy!
you could see him rub his hand across his "hair". and curl his legs up and then kick the ultrasound thingy.
oh, i sonora i was asked 2 questions- 1: are you 25? 2: is this your first baby?
you should have seen their faces! no i am 30 next month, and it is my 6th.
i was so certain it was gonna be a girl. i told sam that it is probably me always trying to get back the girl we lost. i had even put on my target registry that it was a girl. oops! now i have to change things!
so we are thinking " kayin jedidiah". i have loved kayin for years "celebrated/hoped for". mom has wanted a jedidiah for years, and it has a good meaning..."friend of G-d/beloved of G-d"
so if any one liked talia grace, it is yours!
so 3 boys, 3 girls. which is funny cuz i come from a family of mostly girls, and sam's is almost all boys!
"walker's don't have girls" as my inlaws say. well the springmann's only have girls so there!


Christie said...

Congratulations! OH how wonderful! To be so young and to have 6 kids already! Awesome!

Creative Genius? said...

Congtats congrats... that is sooo amazing! May he be pious like Abraham, strong like Jacob, and a leader like Moses!

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