Thursday, May 26, 2005

and we're off!

hurray! SP5 has begun. hi secret pal!
as soon as the blogs are up i will enjoy seeing who is participating this time around.
i hope everyone had a good experience last time. i have succeeded in getting a few more people to sign up from my neck of the woods so i don't drive "to the big city" to mail things.
after much teasing i finally updated my amazon wish list. ( it said i had 4 kids...oops just a lil behind)
while researching the family tree stuff mom found out that way back, there are women in my family who started and ended having kids 30!!!!!! years apart! my grandma was born when her mother was 50. so the fact that my body thinks all it is suppposed to do is thwart my birth control and have babies is a genetic well as a G-d thing. can you imagine another 20 years?????? of babies!? sheesh! my friend naomi was the oldest of 14. i was pregnant the same time as her mom which was weird. and we both have kezziah's. i think we are going to stop with this one. ;-)
i am finishing up grownup short row heels, on a 12" circ. (heehee no double points needed til the toe!) and they match the baby socks i made! i am thinking of making sam some socks...but i am worried he will kill them.
we are doing socks on circs in june. so i have to pull that book out...i haven't used it since last summer.
off to finish up school and get ready for the youth group's tree 63 concert at the fair.

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