Friday, April 01, 2005


So coming from 3 generations of eating disorders, the fact that after going out to eat, terri went home to puke, the eating disorder causing the heart attack, loosing oxygen to her brain, etc.. that started all this...i really hope my cousins heard that. And aunts. Some of them are better now, some aren't. Some have already had heart attacks.
House Md had a girl on it whose eating disorder caused her to need a heart transplant. He had to lie for her so she could have a new heart and a chance to live.
Most eating disorders are to fight for control in some part of their lives. so I wonder, how much of a role terri schaivo's husband played. he has already prooven he wanted her dead. how controling and demeaning was this man who had absolute control over her last breath? he had a "mistress with 3 children. all he had to do was divorce her. his lawsuit was for "an otherwise healthy woman". Bulimics are not otherwise healthy. Thus the heart attack, so the million plus dollars for HER CARE, that he won, was gained on lies to start with!
What chicken hearted supreme court justices we have!
the reporter last night nearly spat as he said "right to life". when did respecting life become distatseful?

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