Friday, April 08, 2005

Secret pal, Thank you!!!

I picked up a cute box, covered in roses. Inside was snuggly soft snowflake yarn and all the fixin's for making a cute! bear. pattern too! can't wait to get started on it! it will be so fun for the baby!
there also was all sorts of fun stuff like my initals paper notes, a piggy emory board..they dance!, and decorative soap.
very fun package! much needed this week! youth group must have spring fever! a was jumped and pounded, s left home, that was last weekend with zemeira's respritory distress, apparently has asthma....and jaden breaking his nose...3rd time now! this weekend there is the drama of stolen cell phones, lies and conspiracy, and 2 boys showing up at the house last night. one brought the other over who had gotten stoned and was scared to go home. movies, chai and long conversations later, sam drove them home and was in bed about 3 am. woke up to snow, tornados and thunder storms...perfect excuse to stay home and KNIT! tornado is on hwy 99....40 min away.
knitting content:
working on blue/purple scarf. finished the baby alpaca irish walking scarf, still working on 2nd sock, bribed mom to make the martha stewart poncho for me...needed a display. she did a fabulous job of course. wish it were here to snuggle in instead of at knitwits. also trying to get a couple scarves done for the church craft table at the women's retreat, 1 finished so far.
OH! the new knitty spring is up. not much i really want to make i think...but it is very fun anyways!


Miranda said...
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Anonymous said...

Glad you liked it! Also happy to hear you got it, I didn't think it would take that long and was starting to get worried since I was a ditz and forgot to add insurance on it. Enjoy!
- your secret pal

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