Friday, April 08, 2005

Interview q's

from alice in yarnland:
(my babblings in purple)
For Heatherly (I love that name - it is like a color or a feeling - it is going to be a heatherly kind of day - maybe that is what we should call a day with lots of knitting.)
my mom says she gave birth to a noun and i became an adverb, my friend has sinestia sp? where sounds have colors...i am gold, brown, blue...and i don't remember what else.
1.Obviously religion plays a major roll in your life – but you have this mix of Jewish and Baptist how did it come about and how does it translate to daily (or weekly) life.
ok, this is going to sound complicated. ;-) heehee. i don't fit in a box.
both my parents are jewish, raised nonreligious. my mom became a christian in 1978, dad in 1984. he is also a pastor. my husband and i met on a mission trip, 2 jews in a christian boot camp,both from colorado....really LONG story. at 17 when i went to israel i got more serious about my jewishness. keeping kosher,etc... recently we left a really good balanced messianic (believes Jesus is the messiah) jewish congregation and moved to my dad's hometown ( had 5 generations of us here) we were trying to find a place to go to church. my mom said she had been to all the churches up here and the baptist one was the best. i struggled because the last baptist church i had been to in new england was how i viewed baptists. which is not good. very hard and legalistic, judgmental.
the church here was not what i expected, very loving and full of grace, Jesus focused. so we stayed.
as a family we keep kosher, light candles, celebrate all the jewish feasts,and the non commercial christian bunnies, no santa, no trees. summary... jewish girl who is totally in love with Jesus.
sometimes the church doesn't understand the jewish stuff..not often though, and my jewish friends don't get the Jesus-stuff. but it all makes sense to me.
2.With everyone to knit for, how do you decide what to knit for whom?
whomever is the most demanding- loudest wheel theory. zemeira is demanding her purple scarf every time i finish something, it is my next thing...already bought her yarn. Knitwits is overtaking most of my knitting time...but it pays for my yarn. i have some dream projects.
3.Do you let your kids pick out what you will knit for them? (This is a two-part question and I say it only counts as one!!!) And if you do, do you find they have problems making the mental/creative leap from a picture to imagining what the real item will be like?
they like anything i make (shew!), but haven't asked for anything too complicated..hats, fuzzy feet,bags. no sweaters yet. they haven't really picked out yarn yet for something specific. so in a few years, we will see.
they went to a wool carding and weaving booth, so that may have helped.
4.I am impressed by your knitting in relation to how long you have been knitting – so tell me about how and why you learned to knit, then what makes you such and adventurous knitter?
i have been crocheting since i was 4, and wanted to knit so i can make socks. so i checked out every book on knitting from the library read them all , and when i got to SnB, i finally cast on. Did i mention i was home schooled? so i am a research junkie. self taught seems natural because of that i think. where i live there are newbie scarf makers, so i have to figure out what ever i want to on my own. or some one comes in the store and says "i want to learn.." so i figure it out. technically i think it is in my DNA. crafty genetics.
5.And you have to tell all of us how you ever find time to knit with all the other stuff going on in your life?
i knit at youth group which got the teen girls knitting..and a few boys. and tirzah and kezzi both are crocheting and knitting. chai made knitting needles from chopsticks, did 6 rows, and was content once he figured out how it worked. as soon as the kids are in bed, i pick up my needles. i think knitting continental helps. less eye contact on the project and it's faster. i am an addict! i admit it, i have a project in my purse, any bag...spare needles in my car. i can quit anytime, really i can.

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1nderlandwoman said...

Oh - thank you so much for your answers. It is funny the paths we take to where we are. Would love to sit down over coffee and knitting needles with you - I guess the interview will have to do. But can I ask one more question? I knit continental too, and have tried to teach others to knit that way and have not really had sucess. Did you teach your kids continential how did they manage the yarn when they started? I totally turned my son off last week trying to teach him to "pick."

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