Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Hearts, Passover and boxes

we are in the midst of passover. very hard when you are pregnant and there are no passover items at the grocery store! seriously! after several atempts, we finally found passover matza...$17 for the big 5 box package. LUCKILY matza ball soup is always on the shelf.
we are having our seder on friday since the church schedule has us busy everynight til then!
mom located a moyel or 2 incase the baby is a boy. but the heart beat was 150. last time 160. so it sounds like a girl to me. we find out may 19. which should be when cycle down blows through again. they have one of our youth group boys with them. so should i ask for prayer for patrick or the band????? this is such a great chance for patrick. can't wait for them to have a cell signal so i can hear how things are going. if you see them, please feed my boys! i do not want a repeat of the burrito from joshfest! ew! gross! but at least they were smart and heated a 2 week old burrito on the manifold of the car before eating it.
My secret pal got her lastest package. sp4 ends this weekend. i can not wait for the reveal. i started the teddy bear my secret pal sent me. i will try to put the pattern picture up. there. done. so it will be listed BEFORE this post.
i had them retest kezzi to make sure her lyme's was still out of the picture. ok, the test came back weird! NO, I REPEAT NO ANTIBODIES FOR LYME'S. usually what happens is they stay there once you have it. but there is nothing! she had the ring, the treatment, etc... and no it is as if it never happened! Must be a G-d thing!
so many people prayed for her, so thanks every one! that was 5 years ago and we are just finding out now!
so yippeee!

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