Wednesday, April 13, 2005

bohemian rhapsody

as i eat my lucky charms, i thought i would blog about the week. a long week and we are only at wednesday!
saturday was our only day off, so we took off on hwy? rte? 36 across some gorgeous valleys and mountains...and severely windy car sickness! yippeee! and just near the end, we could not wait for lunch any more so we opened the snack bag. ok, i am pregnant, i packed weird stuff! so "who wants a brie and wheat bread sandwich?" was answered by 3 kids. chai tried really hard to eat his. he did not like it but was starving. so he wound up projectile vommitting all over himself the seat in front of him, and this takes talent! UNDER THE SEAT IN FRONT OF HIM ! what a mess! we pulled over and used a small creek and rocks to scrape his pants clean, soak shoes, his and 2 sisters... yes 2 of the girls had puke feet. kezzi luckily brought spare pants with her, so he had something to wear! the extra clothes i had were for bella! so after all that we finally made it. drove our car thru a tree, that famous one, we actually fit thru! and played all over. oh, we went to hobbiton usa too, and snapped some photos of gandalf & hobbit holes.
it was a nice day. came back to typical crazy stuff. sam wound up driving to chico, and not getting home til after midnight. the next day the teens actually called to see if he could do it again, answer " take the bus!"
your shopping needs are not part of the job discription! instead of the i need to get stuff from my guardian, it was shopping at walmart. moody pregnant woman at home finally went to bed.
went to knit wits yesterday. picked up some cotton twist for my kyoto top ( in the archives)
had funny with devvy making some scarf kits. plymouth's rep was in monday and mom let me sneak away. really some lovely newthings and Syv was very fun, innovative, and challenging. i cannot believe how much yarn reps make. how do i get on board? seriously, ALOT of $$$,$$$.
yes i have been able to teach continental to the kids, but they also learned to crochet first. we have the mary frances knitting and crochet book. it is so cute! fairy type things teach her crafts. sewing and cooking, too.
i also found some good stuff for knitting on the web. did you know the martha stewart way of knitting is continental? they have a good print out sheet.
speaking of martha, the chico enterprise record (semi-local paper) printed instructions for her poncho, the lionbrand one.

hmmm, miranda huh? you may have deleted your comment, but it still came to my email...heeeheee
a clue as to who my secret pal is! not like it will do me any good with all the nick names on the blogs, unless your email address is on your blog, then i could figure it out maybe.

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