Monday, April 18, 2005

2 Surprises

Sam came home last night from missions training, with 2, yes 2, Charlie Peacock cd's!
his uncle goes to our church and got the newest cd's for us and...autographed! how awesome is that?!
i have listened to charlie peacock since , well, forever. i am shocked at how many people have no clue who he is. ok. think back to the 80's just say no campaign. remember the song " you have the riiiiiii-iiii--ight to say no"? that is charlie. or i could list a zillion songs that he wrote, or how many cd's he produced. he is the biggest name in the industry! seriously. so needless to say, even though it says "to sam" and not "to my loyal and faithful number one fan, heatherly" i am beyond excited!
surprise 2
miss marple started. the whole intro is knitting needles.
and yarn.
so we watched that then turned everything off so we can read "monster" by frank perretti. i love his books even if i let out an occassional scream from the overactive imagination department. sam and i read all of them aloud to each other. knowing some is there in the woods with me as we find the bloody stump of an arm makes me feel a little better. we read oath by the same in the middle of an electrical storm. i remember it vividly.
so i wait eagerly for him to come home and after the kids are out of ear shot and hopefully asleep, the monster comes out. only about 1/3 into the book. bribed sam with a back rub for an extra chapter before we went to sleep. where i dremt not of giant hairy monsters but where i had left all my turbo's and needed to collect them and get them in their velvety case cuz there were so many missing! i know! very scary nightmare! that is alot of money. i think it is b/c i went to loan chris a pair of 8's but all my us 8 of any length were not in the case, in projects???
FROGGED my kyoto! some how after droipping a stitch i wound up with 213. i am making the giant one so i can wear it with my pregnant belly or nursing enhanced boobs next year. is this a good idea? has any one made it and wished it were smaller? oh well. if i finish it and frog it again.....i hope i will have the perseverance to do it again. i like the top. this is the first top for my i have made.
well off to school teaching. triple digit multiplying is over taking the daylight hours. did we really do this in 3rd grade?

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