Friday, April 29, 2005

Party Ribbon by Crystal Palcae! Can you believe how affordable this is???? Definitely a new favourite.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Hearts, Passover and boxes

we are in the midst of passover. very hard when you are pregnant and there are no passover items at the grocery store! seriously! after several atempts, we finally found passover matza...$17 for the big 5 box package. LUCKILY matza ball soup is always on the shelf.
we are having our seder on friday since the church schedule has us busy everynight til then!
mom located a moyel or 2 incase the baby is a boy. but the heart beat was 150. last time 160. so it sounds like a girl to me. we find out may 19. which should be when cycle down blows through again. they have one of our youth group boys with them. so should i ask for prayer for patrick or the band????? this is such a great chance for patrick. can't wait for them to have a cell signal so i can hear how things are going. if you see them, please feed my boys! i do not want a repeat of the burrito from joshfest! ew! gross! but at least they were smart and heated a 2 week old burrito on the manifold of the car before eating it.
My secret pal got her lastest package. sp4 ends this weekend. i can not wait for the reveal. i started the teddy bear my secret pal sent me. i will try to put the pattern picture up. there. done. so it will be listed BEFORE this post.
i had them retest kezzi to make sure her lyme's was still out of the picture. ok, the test came back weird! NO, I REPEAT NO ANTIBODIES FOR LYME'S. usually what happens is they stay there once you have it. but there is nothing! she had the ring, the treatment, etc... and no it is as if it never happened! Must be a G-d thing!
so many people prayed for her, so thanks every one! that was 5 years ago and we are just finding out now!
so yippeee!

picture me in tan instead of a rainbow. won't i be cute for the baby? Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Cycle Down came and lead worship for us. Then crashed at our house for the night. We had so much fun, stayed up til 3 am. They are on their way east with concerts and will wind up in Memphis for ardent records!!!! pray they get a record deal. I love these guys! Posted by Hello
Last time we saw them i taught jeremy to knit. this time i taught him to purl. This way while on the road he can make hats, etc... for the band. really he is doing an awesome job.

Monday, April 18, 2005

I love this bag! trendsetters makes it. I saw it in black and green at heartstrings. (snuck down to check out the competition of knit wits...30 min away, it is huge. an it carries alot of the yarn "i" want) this cute bag also comes in khaki, red, PURPLE,and it is....$75. Posted by Hello

2 Surprises

Sam came home last night from missions training, with 2, yes 2, Charlie Peacock cd's!
his uncle goes to our church and got the newest cd's for us and...autographed! how awesome is that?!
i have listened to charlie peacock since , well, forever. i am shocked at how many people have no clue who he is. ok. think back to the 80's just say no campaign. remember the song " you have the riiiiiii-iiii--ight to say no"? that is charlie. or i could list a zillion songs that he wrote, or how many cd's he produced. he is the biggest name in the industry! seriously. so needless to say, even though it says "to sam" and not "to my loyal and faithful number one fan, heatherly" i am beyond excited!
surprise 2
miss marple started. the whole intro is knitting needles.
and yarn.
so we watched that then turned everything off so we can read "monster" by frank perretti. i love his books even if i let out an occassional scream from the overactive imagination department. sam and i read all of them aloud to each other. knowing some is there in the woods with me as we find the bloody stump of an arm makes me feel a little better. we read oath by the same in the middle of an electrical storm. i remember it vividly.
so i wait eagerly for him to come home and after the kids are out of ear shot and hopefully asleep, the monster comes out. only about 1/3 into the book. bribed sam with a back rub for an extra chapter before we went to sleep. where i dremt not of giant hairy monsters but where i had left all my turbo's and needed to collect them and get them in their velvety case cuz there were so many missing! i know! very scary nightmare! that is alot of money. i think it is b/c i went to loan chris a pair of 8's but all my us 8 of any length were not in the case, in projects???
FROGGED my kyoto! some how after droipping a stitch i wound up with 213. i am making the giant one so i can wear it with my pregnant belly or nursing enhanced boobs next year. is this a good idea? has any one made it and wished it were smaller? oh well. if i finish it and frog it again.....i hope i will have the perseverance to do it again. i like the top. this is the first top for my i have made.
well off to school teaching. triple digit multiplying is over taking the daylight hours. did we really do this in 3rd grade?

Friday, April 15, 2005

since the link doesn't work, here is the map Posted by Hello

For Tirzah's project

the girls have been trying to figure out where their parents have been. They plan to get to the places we skipped. so rather than put tacks on a map here it is:

create' myworld66? http:>create'>">create your own visited country map or check our Costa Rica travel guide

Thursday, April 14, 2005

I went to Barnes and Noble to get a Pesach something for my friend, and saw this! So i bought it. Sam was in the car with kids so it was just a quick run in. I didn't see who wrote it until I was in the car! YARN HARLOT! You should read her blog if you don't already. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

bohemian rhapsody

as i eat my lucky charms, i thought i would blog about the week. a long week and we are only at wednesday!
saturday was our only day off, so we took off on hwy? rte? 36 across some gorgeous valleys and mountains...and severely windy car sickness! yippeee! and just near the end, we could not wait for lunch any more so we opened the snack bag. ok, i am pregnant, i packed weird stuff! so "who wants a brie and wheat bread sandwich?" was answered by 3 kids. chai tried really hard to eat his. he did not like it but was starving. so he wound up projectile vommitting all over himself the seat in front of him, and this takes talent! UNDER THE SEAT IN FRONT OF HIM ! what a mess! we pulled over and used a small creek and rocks to scrape his pants clean, soak shoes, his and 2 sisters... yes 2 of the girls had puke feet. kezzi luckily brought spare pants with her, so he had something to wear! the extra clothes i had were for bella! so after all that we finally made it. drove our car thru a tree, that famous one, we actually fit thru! and played all over. oh, we went to hobbiton usa too, and snapped some photos of gandalf & hobbit holes.
it was a nice day. came back to typical crazy stuff. sam wound up driving to chico, and not getting home til after midnight. the next day the teens actually called to see if he could do it again, answer " take the bus!"
your shopping needs are not part of the job discription! instead of the i need to get stuff from my guardian, it was shopping at walmart. moody pregnant woman at home finally went to bed.
went to knit wits yesterday. picked up some cotton twist for my kyoto top ( in the archives)
had funny with devvy making some scarf kits. plymouth's rep was in monday and mom let me sneak away. really some lovely newthings and Syv was very fun, innovative, and challenging. i cannot believe how much yarn reps make. how do i get on board? seriously, ALOT of $$$,$$$.
yes i have been able to teach continental to the kids, but they also learned to crochet first. we have the mary frances knitting and crochet book. it is so cute! fairy type things teach her crafts. sewing and cooking, too.
i also found some good stuff for knitting on the web. did you know the martha stewart way of knitting is continental? they have a good print out sheet.
speaking of martha, the chico enterprise record (semi-local paper) printed instructions for her poncho, the lionbrand one.

hmmm, miranda huh? you may have deleted your comment, but it still came to my email...heeeheee
a clue as to who my secret pal is! not like it will do me any good with all the nick names on the blogs, unless your email address is on your blog, then i could figure it out maybe.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Explanation of the interview

"Here are the rules for this Blog-a-thon: I'll offer to interview the next how many ever people to respond to this post that will follow these rules:1. Leave me a comment saying "interview me."2. I will respond by asking you five questions here. They will be different questions than the ones above.3. You will update YOUR blog with the answers to the questions.4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions."
so since i have answered my 5, blunderingly, if you want to be a comment and i will rack my brain for 5 semi-original "interogative statements designed to gained knowledge" as my dad would say.
please include your blog addy.

Interview q's

from alice in yarnland:
(my babblings in purple)
For Heatherly (I love that name - it is like a color or a feeling - it is going to be a heatherly kind of day - maybe that is what we should call a day with lots of knitting.)
my mom says she gave birth to a noun and i became an adverb, my friend has sinestia sp? where sounds have colors...i am gold, brown, blue...and i don't remember what else.
1.Obviously religion plays a major roll in your life – but you have this mix of Jewish and Baptist how did it come about and how does it translate to daily (or weekly) life.
ok, this is going to sound complicated. ;-) heehee. i don't fit in a box.
both my parents are jewish, raised nonreligious. my mom became a christian in 1978, dad in 1984. he is also a pastor. my husband and i met on a mission trip, 2 jews in a christian boot camp,both from colorado....really LONG story. at 17 when i went to israel i got more serious about my jewishness. keeping kosher,etc... recently we left a really good balanced messianic (believes Jesus is the messiah) jewish congregation and moved to my dad's hometown ( had 5 generations of us here) we were trying to find a place to go to church. my mom said she had been to all the churches up here and the baptist one was the best. i struggled because the last baptist church i had been to in new england was how i viewed baptists. which is not good. very hard and legalistic, judgmental.
the church here was not what i expected, very loving and full of grace, Jesus focused. so we stayed.
as a family we keep kosher, light candles, celebrate all the jewish feasts,and the non commercial christian bunnies, no santa, no trees. summary... jewish girl who is totally in love with Jesus.
sometimes the church doesn't understand the jewish stuff..not often though, and my jewish friends don't get the Jesus-stuff. but it all makes sense to me.
2.With everyone to knit for, how do you decide what to knit for whom?
whomever is the most demanding- loudest wheel theory. zemeira is demanding her purple scarf every time i finish something, it is my next thing...already bought her yarn. Knitwits is overtaking most of my knitting time...but it pays for my yarn. i have some dream projects.
3.Do you let your kids pick out what you will knit for them? (This is a two-part question and I say it only counts as one!!!) And if you do, do you find they have problems making the mental/creative leap from a picture to imagining what the real item will be like?
they like anything i make (shew!), but haven't asked for anything too complicated..hats, fuzzy feet,bags. no sweaters yet. they haven't really picked out yarn yet for something specific. so in a few years, we will see.
they went to a wool carding and weaving booth, so that may have helped.
4.I am impressed by your knitting in relation to how long you have been knitting – so tell me about how and why you learned to knit, then what makes you such and adventurous knitter?
i have been crocheting since i was 4, and wanted to knit so i can make socks. so i checked out every book on knitting from the library read them all , and when i got to SnB, i finally cast on. Did i mention i was home schooled? so i am a research junkie. self taught seems natural because of that i think. where i live there are newbie scarf makers, so i have to figure out what ever i want to on my own. or some one comes in the store and says "i want to learn.." so i figure it out. technically i think it is in my DNA. crafty genetics.
5.And you have to tell all of us how you ever find time to knit with all the other stuff going on in your life?
i knit at youth group which got the teen girls knitting..and a few boys. and tirzah and kezzi both are crocheting and knitting. chai made knitting needles from chopsticks, did 6 rows, and was content once he figured out how it worked. as soon as the kids are in bed, i pick up my needles. i think knitting continental helps. less eye contact on the project and it's faster. i am an addict! i admit it, i have a project in my purse, any bag...spare needles in my car. i can quit anytime, really i can.

Secret pal, Thank you!!!

I picked up a cute box, covered in roses. Inside was snuggly soft snowflake yarn and all the fixin's for making a cute! bear. pattern too! can't wait to get started on it! it will be so fun for the baby!
there also was all sorts of fun stuff like my initals paper notes, a piggy emory board..they dance!, and decorative soap.
very fun package! much needed this week! youth group must have spring fever! a was jumped and pounded, s left home, that was last weekend with zemeira's respritory distress, apparently has asthma....and jaden breaking his nose...3rd time now! this weekend there is the drama of stolen cell phones, lies and conspiracy, and 2 boys showing up at the house last night. one brought the other over who had gotten stoned and was scared to go home. movies, chai and long conversations later, sam drove them home and was in bed about 3 am. woke up to snow, tornados and thunder storms...perfect excuse to stay home and KNIT! tornado is on hwy 99....40 min away.
knitting content:
working on blue/purple scarf. finished the baby alpaca irish walking scarf, still working on 2nd sock, bribed mom to make the martha stewart poncho for me...needed a display. she did a fabulous job of course. wish it were here to snuggle in instead of at knitwits. also trying to get a couple scarves done for the church craft table at the women's retreat, 1 finished so far.
OH! the new knitty spring is up. not much i really want to make i think...but it is very fun anyways!

Friday, April 01, 2005


So coming from 3 generations of eating disorders, the fact that after going out to eat, terri went home to puke, the eating disorder causing the heart attack, loosing oxygen to her brain, etc.. that started all this...i really hope my cousins heard that. And aunts. Some of them are better now, some aren't. Some have already had heart attacks.
House Md had a girl on it whose eating disorder caused her to need a heart transplant. He had to lie for her so she could have a new heart and a chance to live.
Most eating disorders are to fight for control in some part of their lives. so I wonder, how much of a role terri schaivo's husband played. he has already prooven he wanted her dead. how controling and demeaning was this man who had absolute control over her last breath? he had a "mistress with 3 children. all he had to do was divorce her. his lawsuit was for "an otherwise healthy woman". Bulimics are not otherwise healthy. Thus the heart attack, so the million plus dollars for HER CARE, that he won, was gained on lies to start with!
What chicken hearted supreme court justices we have!
the reporter last night nearly spat as he said "right to life". when did respecting life become distatseful?
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