Friday, March 25, 2005

Shopping thanx to uncle sam

we are back home. now i can settle down and get back to normal.
we went shopping and picked up a new digital so as soon as i figure it out i will post some pix. the last camera used floppy disks. so i have no idea what i am doing yet with this tiny cute thing.
also ottlites have been 50% off, so i HAD to finally get a floor one. (have the fold in half one from art school) also got a starwberry shortcake dvd player for the girls. to match their bedroom/blankets. next we will get comforter sets for the boys. they are some where between marvel comics and LOTR. how do you combine that?
Thanks for all the supportive and fun comments!
i vascilate between getting really excited and hoping people will just think i am fat, not pregnant. ;-P
if you only have 1 child do acquaintances ask what YOUR reproductive plans are? it really is getting old. now i understand why naomi's mom and dad kept it totally off topic, refused to answer those type of questions...last count they had 14 kids. "gee, how are your ovaries doing? and are your testes producing well? what are you gonna do about that? don't you think it is perfectly acceptable to converse about your sex organs outside of the dr office?"

We are about 10 1/2 weeks now. i am buying more girlie yarns, but do not want to admit that i am hoping for a girl, cuz a boy would be wonderful too. just a lil more complicated with our moyhel being in wash d.c. but i got some lilac colored suede to make ugg booties, already have dark purple for the soles.
i found some decent machine washable yarns today too. don't tell knitwits but one is a R.H. (gasp) softee baby yarn. common $2 at walmart AND it is snuggly. plus actually nice colorway. so scooped up a couple skeins.

the kids decorated eggs with my grandpaw and my parents. admittedly this is the first time. and sunday will be their first egg hunt. and the great aunt carolyn bought fabulously fun baskets for them. with passover and easter so far apart this year, no ban on the chocolate bunnies and cadbury eggs. yumyum.

off to pick up the house now that we dumped our suitcases in the living room!
happy???? good friday? is that right to say?

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