Wednesday, March 23, 2005

House Sitting

so I have been away house sitting. really it as been so great, a house that holds all of us with abundant space! I told sam that just the walk from one end to the other negates any need for a gym membership! My masterbedroom fits in the master bath! heehee
watching all the movies in the theatre has been so awesome. LOTR, prince of egypt, nemo, incredibles, west side story, spiderman...obviously you can tell who chooses the movies! me!
but i haven't been near a comuter til today. so i am trying to update stuff.
Purim is tomorrow! i love purim, we dress up in costumes draw parts of the esther play from a hat, and eat hammentaschen. so i need to get some mrs. urbach for the recipe as is trdition every purim...i alsways loose it.

OH SAM GOT THE JOB!!! yippee!!!! started today. big sighs of relief. and they are 3 min from the house and will give him all the time he needs for ministry. grat since we have a mission trip to canada this summer (surrey..near vancouver?)
Also we had an ultrasound monday. Very excited though NO ONE was with me to see. But seeing the heart beating and that all is well was a relief. people keep asking if i am excited. i have been trying not to be....just in case. we lost one at 12 weeks and one at 7 weeks. so i am much more relieved. and although i am starving and eating like crazy.....i only gained 1.75 lbs!
proudies from dr anderson. she reminds me of my favourite midwife....who moved to tennessee.
well that is about it for now.
off to violin.

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