Thursday, March 17, 2005

The day the milk turns green!

happy saint patrick's to everyone. cabbage and cornbeef on the counter. ...and green milk in our cups.
i am not sure when this began, growing up my mom always hid food colouring under cereal, served us dark coloured cups that had a drop of colouring in the bottom so as the milk poured from the milk jug it instantly turned green. wanting to be sure traditions last,( singing the sing from fiddler on the roof) my dad showed up today with a ziploc baggie....with a green food colouring dropper inside. ;-)
thus green milk, green cream o wheat. and a weirdly coloured cup of tea, cuz yes even milk for tea is green...
it goes with the colour of my face. morning sickness green.
every one has been so excited about baby #6 coming. kinda weird, since strangers would yell at me on the streets of D.C. for having baby #3! feminazi's would spit in disgust, "we fought for you to be in the work place, and you are pregnant????!!!" "don't you know what causes that?" blah blah blah whatever women! you fought for the OPTION of working and i opted for children. this is where i sing the praises of debbie stollers SNB. i love how she points out the way we have discouraged our daughters to do the things their mothers did, but push them to be like their fathers. i say be like mom, or in my case like my grandmama, stay pregnant thru your 20's and knit forever. at least all of my children have the same daddy. how weird is that! people actually ask me that!!! yes ,they all have the same last name, and same father and mother.


Ranee said...

Hi! This is Ranee from Arabian Knits. I love this post! I can so relate! It took about two or three weeks for us to hear congratulations after we announced my pregnancy with #4. "Was it an accident?" "Don't you know how babies are made?" "You two should get more hobbies." "You should have separate bedrooms." "You should watch more tv." "You know, you can, [ahem, ahem] without having a baby, you can do it for fun." I also really loved "Are you trying for a girl?" We have three boys, I almost wished Amira was a boy to spite those people who thought that having one that was different was our consolation prize for having another child. I had all sorts of rude answers that I kept to myself, but sometimes wish I had said.

Anyway, I read your comment on my blog, and unless you're posting photos of people in their thongs, or describing the activities and purposes that will follow the making and wearing of it, orencouraging people to do so, I see no conflict with your hosting/being in a thong-along and joining the orthodox ring.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Andrea said...

I had to laugh at this. When we were pregnant with #3 (he was a surprise) I couldn't believe the comments we got. Even my mother asked me what we were going to do. We have no plans for #4, and have done things to make sure it doesn't happen, but women today can make the choices to have no or 10 babies - it's the choice is what matters.

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