Monday, March 28, 2005

chocolate bunny ears- take 2

yesterday was very busy. sunrise-ish service, breakfast at church, early church service, sunday school. then to my parents for eggs and brunch with them and grandpaw. then a BBQ with our friends from J4J. they also had an egg hunt in a big field. Zemeira got 12.not bad for a 2 1/2 yr old. Tirzah beat everyone with 19. Jaden had 11, Chai 15, Kezzi being non competitive is counting now, she has no idea. 16. they did a good job. bella decided to check out the snakes with the big kids, and jaden of course was a quiet and searched very hard. his poor broken nose.
Tirzah of course ate as much candy as she could, and threw up...just like at camp. Sheesh! i am worried that a sugar ban would only make it worse when she gets candy again. a study on gluttony and restraint maybe.
Zemeira sat on her great grandpaw's lap and made him read coloring books to her, she found the special gold egg. grandpaw gave all the kids joylynn eggs! yummy. opera creme filled, nut and chocolate,etc...
aunt carolyn sent them all baskets, with safari themes and puppets. obviously spoiled rotten.

Sam is enjoying his job. it is nice to have a schedule in his life instead of "what are you doing today?" "i don't know yet". and i get my house back. Remind me when i complain that i never see him that this is a good thing.

i am getting really excited about the baby. there is a big hard bound book at Barnes and noble, kinda like a child is born, but $50!!! it was fun to look at and show the kids what are baby looks like now. Zemeira said "oh look, that is your baby" it was cute.
I have a few classes this week to prepare for a house to pick up, all those baskets, eggs and candy.
and i have to FINISH a pair of socks.

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