Thursday, March 17, 2005

Alligators and Roses

Dee Brestin writes in her friendships of women book about people in our lives being either alligators or roses. alligators are ferocious. it is their nature to shred us apart and go into a death roll. but when dealing with roses, the really fragrant wonderful also have to deal with the pricks of thorns. i have these beautiful teenage girls. they are mostly all roses but have been raised with alligators. they have tears in their petals and are scarred. the scars may never go away but that doesn't keep them from blooming. i have watched them the last year grow, get pruned back, and grow even more beautifully. but they are still looking like gators. i hate that i had to beg them to be good last weekend. they all had justified hurts. reasons to not respond in kindness. some of them were true to their promise to me. they acted in love and kindness to a rose who is acting like a gator. as angry as i am at her. i know she is a rose. I do not want this cold front to keep her from blooming. i love her. i am really proud of the girls. they refrained from revenge and acted with a sorta kindness. pray for my roses as they learn to be roses.

"the end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride"
ecc 7 v 8

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