Tuesday, March 08, 2005

ah! teen love! it is so sad. spent the day with ~*~ and cookie dough ice cream. i am really thankful that my crushes at this age were not up here. these kids are horrid! i have never been more disgusted at the teenage population as when they get into eachothers lives and act like rabid dogs. poor ~*~! if only ^^ wasn't so jealous of her. then she would have a chance. ^^ is really being a pain in the butt right now. i was relieved at the thought of her absence, i knew it would be too easy to be free of her crap.
i spent the afternoon at knit wits teaching 3 needle bind offs and cables. bought some lang coco in green. it is soft! snuggly and limeish in color. i think i am going to make a poncho out of it. i should have it finished by winter right? i have too many projects. i think i need to get a day timer with project planner pages so i can prioritize and not overwhelm myself. do they make knitters day runner pages?
today is my brother's anniversary...and his wife. happy 3 years!!! hope you are more in love than imaginable!

i am waiting for my dad to send the pix of the hat i made, then i will post them. skacel prince, white. soft, stretchy, very yummy.

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