Monday, March 28, 2005

blogger sucked up my post and spit it into a black hole

it was a cute post about all our fun yesterday, being excited about the new baby, eating chocolate, tirzah throwing up cuz she ate too much candy, zemeira sitting in the trampoline and having everyone bounce her.
now i am out of time. so just imagine sunrise service, church breakfast, early service, sunday school, brunch with my parents and my grandpaw, bbq and egg hunt with our J4J friends. then embellish it with cute kid moments.

chocolate bunny ears- take 2

yesterday was very busy. sunrise-ish service, breakfast at church, early church service, sunday school. then to my parents for eggs and brunch with them and grandpaw. then a BBQ with our friends from J4J. they also had an egg hunt in a big field. Zemeira got 12.not bad for a 2 1/2 yr old. Tirzah beat everyone with 19. Jaden had 11, Chai 15, Kezzi being non competitive is counting now, she has no idea. 16. they did a good job. bella decided to check out the snakes with the big kids, and jaden of course was a quiet and searched very hard. his poor broken nose.
Tirzah of course ate as much candy as she could, and threw up...just like at camp. Sheesh! i am worried that a sugar ban would only make it worse when she gets candy again. a study on gluttony and restraint maybe.
Zemeira sat on her great grandpaw's lap and made him read coloring books to her, she found the special gold egg. grandpaw gave all the kids joylynn eggs! yummy. opera creme filled, nut and chocolate,etc...
aunt carolyn sent them all baskets, with safari themes and puppets. obviously spoiled rotten.

Sam is enjoying his job. it is nice to have a schedule in his life instead of "what are you doing today?" "i don't know yet". and i get my house back. Remind me when i complain that i never see him that this is a good thing.

i am getting really excited about the baby. there is a big hard bound book at Barnes and noble, kinda like a child is born, but $50!!! it was fun to look at and show the kids what are baby looks like now. Zemeira said "oh look, that is your baby" it was cute.
I have a few classes this week to prepare for a house to pick up, all those baskets, eggs and candy.
and i have to FINISH a pair of socks.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Shopping thanx to uncle sam

we are back home. now i can settle down and get back to normal.
we went shopping and picked up a new digital so as soon as i figure it out i will post some pix. the last camera used floppy disks. so i have no idea what i am doing yet with this tiny cute thing.
also ottlites have been 50% off, so i HAD to finally get a floor one. (have the fold in half one from art school) also got a starwberry shortcake dvd player for the girls. to match their bedroom/blankets. next we will get comforter sets for the boys. they are some where between marvel comics and LOTR. how do you combine that?
Thanks for all the supportive and fun comments!
i vascilate between getting really excited and hoping people will just think i am fat, not pregnant. ;-P
if you only have 1 child do acquaintances ask what YOUR reproductive plans are? it really is getting old. now i understand why naomi's mom and dad kept it totally off topic, refused to answer those type of questions...last count they had 14 kids. "gee, how are your ovaries doing? and are your testes producing well? what are you gonna do about that? don't you think it is perfectly acceptable to converse about your sex organs outside of the dr office?"

We are about 10 1/2 weeks now. i am buying more girlie yarns, but do not want to admit that i am hoping for a girl, cuz a boy would be wonderful too. just a lil more complicated with our moyhel being in wash d.c. but i got some lilac colored suede to make ugg booties, already have dark purple for the soles.
i found some decent machine washable yarns today too. don't tell knitwits but one is a R.H. (gasp) softee baby yarn. common $2 at walmart AND it is snuggly. plus actually nice colorway. so scooped up a couple skeins.

the kids decorated eggs with my grandpaw and my parents. admittedly this is the first time. and sunday will be their first egg hunt. and the great aunt carolyn bought fabulously fun baskets for them. with passover and easter so far apart this year, no ban on the chocolate bunnies and cadbury eggs. yumyum.

off to pick up the house now that we dumped our suitcases in the living room!
happy???? good friday? is that right to say?

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Knitting content

so i am trying a lil fairisle sock. worsted weight, adapted from a Philsopher's Wool book...sock hop? i think is the title. i wanna make the fairisle booties in the debbie bliss baby book. so this is practice. it seems a bit tight....maybe after blocking, or when it is OFF the needles.
bought some deep purple glace' from berocco. do not know what i wanna make yet. but it is pretty.
tax $ came so i am making my wish lists.
i need to get just some "cheap" baby soft yarn. cuz i do not want tomake an $80 baby sweater that i have to hand wash...this is baby6! i do not have the time. michael's has these fabulous coupons this week..50% off anything (reg item) friday, plus the reg 40 % coupon. so i need to gas up the car and go to the big city.
lang coco poncho is going nicely. only on ball 2. have 7...hope it is enough.

House Sitting

so I have been away house sitting. really it as been so great, a house that holds all of us with abundant space! I told sam that just the walk from one end to the other negates any need for a gym membership! My masterbedroom fits in the master bath! heehee
watching all the movies in the theatre has been so awesome. LOTR, prince of egypt, nemo, incredibles, west side story, spiderman...obviously you can tell who chooses the movies! me!
but i haven't been near a comuter til today. so i am trying to update stuff.
Purim is tomorrow! i love purim, we dress up in costumes draw parts of the esther play from a hat, and eat hammentaschen. so i need to get some mrs. urbach for the recipe as is trdition every purim...i alsways loose it.

OH SAM GOT THE JOB!!! yippee!!!! started today. big sighs of relief. and they are 3 min from the house and will give him all the time he needs for ministry. grat since we have a mission trip to canada this summer (surrey..near vancouver?)
Also we had an ultrasound monday. Very excited though NO ONE was with me to see. But seeing the heart beating and that all is well was a relief. people keep asking if i am excited. i have been trying not to be....just in case. we lost one at 12 weeks and one at 7 weeks. so i am much more relieved. and although i am starving and eating like crazy.....i only gained 1.75 lbs!
proudies from dr anderson. she reminds me of my favourite midwife....who moved to tennessee.
well that is about it for now.
off to violin.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

The day the milk turns green!

happy saint patrick's to everyone. cabbage and cornbeef on the counter. ...and green milk in our cups.
i am not sure when this began, growing up my mom always hid food colouring under cereal, served us dark coloured cups that had a drop of colouring in the bottom so as the milk poured from the milk jug it instantly turned green. wanting to be sure traditions last,( singing the sing from fiddler on the roof) my dad showed up today with a ziploc baggie....with a green food colouring dropper inside. ;-)
thus green milk, green cream o wheat. and a weirdly coloured cup of tea, cuz yes even milk for tea is green...
it goes with the colour of my face. morning sickness green.
every one has been so excited about baby #6 coming. kinda weird, since strangers would yell at me on the streets of D.C. for having baby #3! feminazi's would spit in disgust, "we fought for you to be in the work place, and you are pregnant????!!!" "don't you know what causes that?" blah blah blah whatever women! you fought for the OPTION of working and i opted for children. this is where i sing the praises of debbie stollers SNB. i love how she points out the way we have discouraged our daughters to do the things their mothers did, but push them to be like their fathers. i say be like mom, or in my case like my grandmama, stay pregnant thru your 20's and knit forever. at least all of my children have the same daddy. how weird is that! people actually ask me that!!! yes ,they all have the same last name, and same father and mother.

Alligators and Roses

Dee Brestin writes in her friendships of women book about people in our lives being either alligators or roses. alligators are ferocious. it is their nature to shred us apart and go into a death roll. but when dealing with roses, the really fragrant wonderful also have to deal with the pricks of thorns. i have these beautiful teenage girls. they are mostly all roses but have been raised with alligators. they have tears in their petals and are scarred. the scars may never go away but that doesn't keep them from blooming. i have watched them the last year grow, get pruned back, and grow even more beautifully. but they are still looking like gators. i hate that i had to beg them to be good last weekend. they all had justified hurts. reasons to not respond in kindness. some of them were true to their promise to me. they acted in love and kindness to a rose who is acting like a gator. as angry as i am at her. i know she is a rose. I do not want this cold front to keep her from blooming. i love her. i am really proud of the girls. they refrained from revenge and acted with a sorta kindness. pray for my roses as they learn to be roses.

"the end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride"
ecc 7 v 8

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Martha Stewart's poncho has created quite a stir.
Mistakenly reported as a knit poncho, this one is actually crocheted.Lionbrand and Bernat have both released the pattern yesterday.Both are crochet, Lionbrand's is longer, made from Homespun, Bernat's made from galaxy.
Lionbrand is scheduled to release a knit version next week.Martha's poncho was made for her by a fellow inmate with yarn from their commisary.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

ah! teen love! it is so sad. spent the day with ~*~ and cookie dough ice cream. i am really thankful that my crushes at this age were not up here. these kids are horrid! i have never been more disgusted at the teenage population as when they get into eachothers lives and act like rabid dogs. poor ~*~! if only ^^ wasn't so jealous of her. then she would have a chance. ^^ is really being a pain in the butt right now. i was relieved at the thought of her absence, i knew it would be too easy to be free of her crap.
i spent the afternoon at knit wits teaching 3 needle bind offs and cables. bought some lang coco in green. it is soft! snuggly and limeish in color. i think i am going to make a poncho out of it. i should have it finished by winter right? i have too many projects. i think i need to get a day timer with project planner pages so i can prioritize and not overwhelm myself. do they make knitters day runner pages?
today is my brother's anniversary...and his wife. happy 3 years!!! hope you are more in love than imaginable!

i am waiting for my dad to send the pix of the hat i made, then i will post them. skacel prince, white. soft, stretchy, very yummy.
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