Wednesday, February 02, 2005

yarn and mohawks

i finished the eros scarf. and while at the store yesterday somehow i got 3 more jobs!
aunt terri's crazy fuzzy/felted purse has caused a sensation and she is sending people down to the store and giving me more work. unfortunately i am really busy right now. my felted purses class has 8 people, after that is the dreaded knit/beaded pendant class (0000 size needles! argh!) wuth 5-6 people , followed by 5 for dishcloths. plus an embroidery job, a hairpin lace sample that must be made, the berocco zodiac bag, cabled scarf, and how could i have completely forgotten felted hats? what was i thinking? the upside of all of this is cash for the stash!
lewis came over last night. movies and bible study. then i untangled his yarn, discussed cables with him, and sent him home with my snb book.i have to get a photo of him in full mohawk, knitting. and one of josh in his emo makeup knitting too.....however rumor has it that josh cut his hair so he could have a driving permit.
so,doug, if i am knitting during your sermons, remember that i will retain more. and i need to get these projects done. so be merciful!
oh, sam is preaching sunday! keep him in your prayers. he is still in alot of pain even with the vicodin. but it gives him sermon study time!

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