Friday, February 11, 2005

Secret Delivery!

as i was getting ready for our valentines date, i got a box!
from a secret-like person. heehee. now if i did not break my parents digital...i could take pictures of my fun stuff.
but i did...break the camera. bad, bad daughter!
so in my box was a cute froggy note, pre-wound balls of yarn, and beaded stitch markers, that i hope she made cuz that makes them more special. i love homemade!
so, do you think she is a scrapbooker? she has fancy schmancy lettering.....
well i must now get my valentine's outfit out the dryer, get the kiddos ready for my parents. (i love living near my parents again!) and get fancied up. our youth group is serving at the val dinner tonight. it hopefully will be fun. kinda a bittersweet thing, it was at last year' s dinner we found out walt had died. so i am wondering how the kids (teens) will hold up.
thanks secret pal!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I did make them, and they're sterling, except for the rings n the markers, I couldn't find sterling jump rings that big. I also realized I left the patterns i said I'd put in there out, bc i just found them this morning, so those will be on theyre way soon. And I'm not a scrapbooker, but I do like the occasional nifty stamp and lettering for special notes. (like yours) :D ~your secret pal

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