Sunday, February 06, 2005

Patriots are WICKED AWESOME!

so being a semi-new englander here i was cheering the Patriots on. sam of course chose the eagles. he is contentious! it was so fun to hear wicked in the announcing of the patriots. i screamed and cheered!
my cousin is in boston. gotta get a shirt from her now. mom kept silently updating me the scores thru church tonight. sam was preaching so no ditching. i love to listen to him. i got all googly eyed and mush when he speaks. i am amazed at how relaxed he is, how it flows, that he doesn't say "um". i get so nervous speaking, i feel like i make no sense!
so yes! go patriots! lee, i hope connor' cartoon ended so you could put the game on!

for ilona: recycling sweaters for yarn

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