Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cupid comes to call

we had a lovely valentine's day. my mpb secret sister sent home ferrero rocher chocolates, candles, a heart stone necklace and "faith dipped chocolate". Sammy had chocolates for everyone, and love notes. my parents found m&m's with messages written on them! green of course! heehee sufficiently spoiled.
we had a romantic dinner and movie night. the notebook. did everyone else sob hysterically?
what a horrible a good way.
the knitwits class went well. sam had some hospital visiting to do. Also went to see walter's family since it was the anniversary of his death. they seemed better than at christmas. which is good.
i finished a few things but since i killed the digital, you can't see the cute kureyon kozy! , the fuzzy feet for grandpa, seirra's purse, susan's purse...just needs the handles.
maybe i have lew camera phone them to my email. ;-)
as we speak ashleigh is saying her vows. pray for them, for her "hubby's" deployment and her daddy's. pray for her mama. Psalm 20 v. 1-5

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Debbie said...

The Notebook was the best tear jerker I have seen in a long time! Both hubby and I were crying. James Garner has always been one of my favorite actors.

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