Thursday, February 03, 2005

Asleigh's Thong-a-long

ashleigh has lived alot of places, alaska, colorado, oklahoma.
She fell in love with joe. Joe is in the military like her daddy....ok he works for her daddy!
last year, just a few months back, ashleigh announced she was engaged. joe and ashleigh started to plan a wedding, a september wedding. that way there was enough time to plan, to look, to shop, and enough time to get her favourite pastor, mike , to fly in for the wedding.
joe got orders. he is being sent to iraq in a few months. so, no september wedding. no showers, dress shopping, no time for parties and dinners. They are eloping for valentine's day!
sooo...ashleigh, who is far away from her friends, will be marrying joe, they will live with her parents, and she will wait for him to come home from iraq.
this sounds very wonderful. but it could be better,nu?
so what i am suggesting is a thong-a-long. a virtual wedding shower. she will be living at home, so she doesn't need all the house stuff. asleigh does need a bunch of sexy stuff for joe to remember and look forward to coming home to! if you would like to help us love on ashleigh, please send thongs,etc..with a picture of you or a note, to my po box. and we will make a shower scrapbook and post ashleigh's shower photos on the internet, along with pictures of her opening them! she loves blue, he loves hunter green, and butterflies...ashleigh loves butterflies. she is a quilter. a really awesome quilter and appreciates "homemade".
contact me for sizes and address info.

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