Friday, January 21, 2005


i logged in from the house! with, i might add the same settings i had earlier this week! sheesh. we had a nice night last night. i must admit i participated in some mischievous antics. we really have a great group of teens. some of them will be graduating this year. we are going to have to do something for the young adult group. i don't want them to get abandoned into the adult world.
the "church ladies" made us chili and nachos! everyone was happy. none was left over! chris showed up just as we were putting in the movie starring him..."larry". it was really funny cuz he didn't expect it. we only showed a clip or two, so the kids will have to go rent it. (it is a free rental at "all the best video".)
sam should hear about the job interview next week. unless someone walks in and smokes him with more experience. it sounded like he had the job. so we shall see. we need it....or is it that we just want it? i do want him to have a computer job again. but really i only want what is best, G-d's best. He has taken care of us so much better than we could have. and i don't want to give up youth group. so as long as it isn't a job that will drain him, just challenge would be good. and a regular paycheck! how lovely would that be!
i worked on the blanket the lady asked my to finish. had to pick up so many dropped stitches. if people find knitting ON THE NEEDLES they should leave it on the needles. working on the fringes.
tasha was doing so well with her booties but some one undid them. both cats and siblings are suspects in the case. so i helped her get started again. shelynn decided she wanted to learn to crochet since she has a few knit scarves going now. so i have all these needles and hooks and yarn loaned out amongst various teens. if anyone one has left over scraps, red heart, any yarn or needles or crochet hooks they need to ditch,the magalia pines youth group could use it! sharon has us working on squares for the warm up america project.
well i have to get back to the poor house. it was neglected this week.
and since tirzah decided she was going to eat breakfast before mommie woke up, we can't go get her blood work done now....(her bruises are not going away and its been 3 months almost.) so we can park her on the couch for her bedrest and clean around her.

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