Sunday, January 09, 2005

the yarn rep came to knit wits yesterday. it seems funky colors, sparkles and granny squares are all the rage for the spring season. also i have to find my hairpin lace fork....cuz that is big this season too! where did i put that thing? i don't use it. i bought it on clearance at hobby l0bby before we left denver. i must confess i don't think i have ever used it. now i have to find out how to and teach a class on it. i am sure if i can't find it knitwits will order them but i doubt i will find one anywhere else in this craft forsaken area. so i hope they place the order quickly...if i can't find it.
we did not get the promised 1-3 feet of snow. i was hoping to be snowed in and knitting all weekend.
dave vanore is rarely right any more, but then again....every one of the weather men were wrong.
i miss the snow.

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