Saturday, January 01, 2005


so right before we leave for tsunami 2004, a tsunami hits. how bizaare is that?
we were in san jose for 3 days, 11 of our own teenagers and about 5,000 from the state.
it was really great. only one fist fight that i had to get on lewis for, but he made up for it by giving me yarn from his stash. anyway they took up a collection for tsunami victims overseas. and these teenagers raised about $8,000! i think it was $7,899 exactly. i was so proud of my kids when they, who have so little started pulling money out. for a second offering they raised $6,000. how awesome is that?!
while there i worked on my mikado ribbon arm warmers from the knitter's calendar.
it is about 10" so far. boy are they pretty. this next week i am working at knitwits, inventory time! i also gotta finish this sock/slipper for this guy whose wife lives in a bunny suit. what do you say when some one tells you that???? "sure, i will hop to it?" the toasty toes is working up really nicely though. oh,drat! that lady wanted a purple hat! i forgot about it! better get to crocheting it. crocheting wears out my wrist so i haven't done much since i started knitting! gotta plot out my projects.
knitwits finally got their noro yarn! can't wait! gonna make a tea cozy for my mama.
well it is snowing again, they say it will all week! i am so happy! now if marcus hadn't shared his cold i could be enjoying it!
happy new years! to everybody! this year i resolve to actually use what is in my stash and...record stuff in my knitter's journal.

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