Monday, January 31, 2005

Needling me

What size needles do you use?
well i am glad you asked. i like 11,13, and 6. weird combination i am sure. but! i have never been confused with being conventional! sam says, "but you buy 10's alot" he is right, i do. but! there is a reason for that! there are these girls ages 14-17 who "borrow" needles. so i have a good supply of eraser tops (clearance after school) and dpn bamboos to be lent out, never to be seen again. but i love the afore mentioned sizes. i am trying to finish up some ufo's so i can reclaim a few needles. too many projects. focus,girl!
so sam really hurt his back. the heavy upright piano moving of sunday afternoon agrivated an old injury. so he has a supply of vicodin, strict orders not to lift anything, and a few days off from work. so you might be picturing him on the couch? nooo! he is at the piano, playing rogers and hammerstein by ear, also a veggie tales and worship for youth group medley. which bugs me to no end for i eek out, yes, literally eek out tunes on my violin. and he can pick up some foreign instrument and actually create music from it. annoying!
well i better woo him back to the couch. for he will be abandonned tomorrow for yarn. i will be at knits wits again. hurray!

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