Monday, January 17, 2005

Kick some tukas!

we had our retreat this weekend for the youth/student leaders. focused on Joshua, crossing over jordan...and taking the land....or as duane said "kicking some tukas for G-d". it was a really nice weekend. 2 of our girls who haven't spoken to or about eachother even remotely with kindness the last year, spent all weekend talking, laughing, and stayed up all night together having fun. it was really cool. i hope it extends out of the weekend. the boys seemed to have had a good time ,too. lewis was my partner for the blindfold thing. so here i am...blindfolded, being led by my fave Punk, around a yard that has a cliff on one side. it was actually not scary. i love lew. and then i had to lead him blindfolded. i admit i had too much fun. i kept making him spin in circles and get dizzy.
it was a very encouraging weekend. sam has felt a little weary this week. we had some vandals attack the cars thursday night. mine was washable...ew! but flo will have to pay for repairs to her car. BUT! we have two buff guys who have volunteered to patrol the grounds during youth group. how cool is that? hopefully "r" will stop smoking pot in the woods of his on accord and actually come in for youth group at least once this year.
this week will be a light week. we are showing Napoleon Dynamite at youth group with snacks and stuff...and did i mention idaho/80's costumes???? so i have to shred my pants, crimp my hair, buy some aquanet, locate slouch socks and a giant tshirt i can knot on the side.

noro finally made it into the store! half the shipment. made one scarf and have to finish a second one and block it today. next i will make my kureyon kozy from don't you just love knitty?
secretpals4 will be starting soon. i am looking forward to that. i am collecting stuff.... but not packaging it til i know what the person is like. i guess there will be questionnaires to fill out.

things i want to make.....turkish slippers....the misty garden scarf (after i finish my ruffles one), cable scarf from baby alpaca bulky, something like the change purse at knithappens from noro daria, the afore mentioned k.kozy, and my valentine sophie purse, ice cream cozies, and mates for the lonely socks i have.
things to finish: celtic cable ear warmer, baby tart hat,secret sister scarf...before saturday, beaded necklace purse thing, kezzi's fuzzy feet...what am i forgetting?

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