Wednesday, January 05, 2005

i dream in fiber!

inventory at knitwits is all done! but i went home and began dreaming in yarn names.
how weird is that. at least i am not allergic to any of them. poor marlene is allergic to wool.
me...just peaches. nothing normal of course!
sold hat patterns at the store. becoming a professional knitter. which is funny since it's only been 9 mons. i think our current class listing is:felted bags, flower motifs for jackets,etc..,cable scarf, biased or diagonal scarves, decoding patterns, knitting with beads,oh and how to turn your scarves into a poncho. it looks like koolaid dyeing, socks, embellishing your knitting,continental knitting....what else? will be in spring.
you can knit more than scarves!
so i tripped over bella's toy stoller, fell over my violin (not broken thank goodness!) and wound up on my turkish rug. my wrist hurts, my rear, and my foot. i hate toys! the kids will be banished to their rooms forever... but then there is my knitting on the couch, next to the couch, in our bedroom, the car... wonder where they get it from? ;-) sam of course!
he got a job offer for idaho. has an interview today for the county...computers, and another thing in the works for teaching at a school for boys coming out of jail. right now, i don't know what i even want to hope for, except no to idaho.
oh i bought my first packet of cigarettes! how weird is that. i never bought a pack before. i wasn't sure how. THEY WERE NOT FOR ME JUST SO YOU KNOW! my dad would kill me, let alone the kids! but i did get carded. that is twice in the last month! the other was for liquor filled chocaltes from the world market. it was really funny, especially since there are 5 months and 2 wks and a few days til i am 30. at least leeann will go first!

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