Sunday, January 02, 2005

great exploding needles!

look what i found!

London—A 52-year-old mother from Scotland’s remote Shetland Islands knitted her way to international fame on Saturday, in a flurry of needlework that outstitched the competition at the World Speed Knitting Championships. Hazel Tindall set a new world record with her title-winning 255 stitches in three minutes… - far ahead of runner-up Olga Pobedeskaya, of London, who managed 214 stitches in the same time.Defending champion and former world-record holder Wendy Moorby, from West Yorkshire, completed the all-British top three with 207 stitches at the London event.
On Thursday, American author and designer Lily Chin defended her speed crochet title, setting a new world record with 86 triple crochets in three minutes.Tindall said she planned to defend her title next year - as long as the school holiday schedule permitted.

did any one see the exploding needle article made it into vogue knitting?

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