Thursday, January 20, 2005

blog blah's

all of a sudden...i can not log in at home, even after checking cookies settings, rebooting, etc... so while the teens are watching n. dynamite i am in here typing.
hi to kelsey! who is writing on her face with shiny purple markers....
i will be at knitwits all weekend...hopefully not screwing up the cash register. so if any one wants to offer moral support...stop by!
i added a blog for knitwits so we can keep track of classes. please share any class ideas!

still finishing my secret sister scarf....or tasha's... so i am going to try to get those out of the way next week. however i have 2 jobs to do. fixing a blanket and a hemp-thread irish crochet tablecloth/bedspread thing. i got some black sqiggle i think i will put with either my mikado ribbon or brushed baby alpaca.... what do you think?

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