Sunday, January 30, 2005

blah blah blah

this may be yet another blog entry that when i finish, blogger deletes into cyber space.
last night i posted about all the fun stuff we have been up to...but did it save it as i asked? NO!
so forget about all the stuff i did. it was just stuff.
chai lost his front tooth tonight. it was so different than the girls. he was playing with it and suddenly a bit of blood showed up so he went to the bathroom while i looked for a string....not my good yarn, please! and before i could cut a strand he had yanked it out himself! first thought- what a boy! second thought- my baby boy doesn't even need me to get his loose tooth out!
the girls were so panicked over loosing teeth. still they freak out and are terrified even if the tooth is dangling by nothing... with kezzi i can understand the fear. it has been 9 mons and her tooth is finally coming in!
but here is chai, all strong and 100% boy, yanking his tooth out of his head with his bare fingers!
you have to laugh. really. he whines over everything! especially no big deal stuff but stuff like this or when he dislocated his arm... eh, it's nothing!
oh, i finally finished tirzah's super pink scarf. had to get it done before it was too warm to wear.
ah, to live on the east coast again! we had all the windows open today basking in the sunshine. i really want when we lived in new hampshire and had drifts over the carport, giant snow forts with snow plow help, and family game time. i want to be snow bound!

sp4 has begun. mailed off a package to nameless. and i heard from my secret person. even though jacqueline claims she had no time to match personalities...i think she did a great job.
thanks jacqueline!

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