Thursday, December 23, 2004


yesterdays mail brought me some really great yarn. colinette zanziba. it is so fun. now what do i do with it.
there is this guy i found by accident. i was searching for a corrected cable chart b/c the one in my ultimate source for knitting and crochet is wrong. so i stumbled upon VISIKNIT. you type in your instructions for the cable and it spits out a lovely chart! but being stuck in internet explorer land... i was unable to print it, copy it, anything. so i let the immensely talented designer know. he sent me yarn.
now what shall i make with it? and how do iget knit wits to order from colinette?
you can read more about david & visiknit here:
and if you look at dec 3 you will see his version of the story.

Monday, December 20, 2004


The WeatherPixie

White trash cookies
take this test!
we are baking cookies and laughing so hard!
i am 11% white trash, just so you know that is 3 % less than annie modesitt, the knitting heretic.
mom was an unfortunate 43% (living in the trailer and parking the truck next to the house killed her score!), but the best was our relatives by marriage! 74% evil stepmonster#3, and sil from hell 84%!
boy do i feel vindicated!
trust me .take the test! even better take it for your enemies!

lee's pixie

The WeatherPixie

Chaos of Christmas

Boy it is times like these i am relieved to be a jewish girl!
Chanukah is over, was wonderful. i got spoiled!
Sam & i braved the mall saturday nite with patrick, josh and all 5 kiddos.
what a crazy place! i did see some awesome boots that were half off! had cash but no one compliant enough to let me figure out the size i would need. which is always a hassle! any where from a 6 - 7 1/2. high arch, wide foot...cant just yank a box of a shelf! on the way out, bella actually did the bill cosby i have no spine routine. it was so bad all i could do was laugh as i dragged her through the last 50 yds of mall.
i made some extra cash at knit wits. and wanted to spend it.duh!
since it seems impossible to get ebony needles in butte county the boots were the only thing i was jonesin' for. instead i bought 50% off christmas cards and some presents for some one who is not me. pout. i did get spoiled and not really need it!
how i earned my money? knitting of course!
Terry told this guy i could knit him a christmas stocking. got it finished. but had to learn how to change colors. i had no idea how to do that mid row. but i got it finished, sam will deliver it today.(blown clutch! so only 1 car right now)
hopefully he likes it. ok, so i have only been knitting since april....then discovered i was purling wrong. now i am properly knitting (continental style of course). so finishing this was a big deal!
gott 2 pairs of fuzzy feet made. gonna put grandpaw's in a new/empty paint can for its wrapping. he is a handy guy. so a duct tape ribbon and bow to top it off?
a christmas delivery was just made! how fun! where was i? oh! i made a shawl for bonnie metz cuz she wraps me in love all the time, a suede hat with flaps for connor, lee's sophie, hat, arm warmers with ribbon ties, scarves galore, cabled ear warmer, a felted watermelon like bingo bag for grandma, and then there are all the class projects for the knit wits classes! how big are 0000 needles? too tiny. and knitting with beads? haven't done it yet. gotta get that done soon!
Why am i still on this computer! sheesh!
if i get my parents digital i will try to take pictures.(mine is still busted!)
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