Sunday, October 24, 2004

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Work In Progress

Well it has been about 2 months so lets see....where have i been?
Sammy and i ran off to anaheim for a week. stayed with grandmama in hunington beach.
played in the ocean, got fabulous shells! but spent most of our time ayt the nat'l youth workers convention.
that was the best thing i have ever been to! i think david crowder band is awesome! got to schmooze with some of
my most favourite people ever. spoke to toby mac, kutless (still waiting on the shirt they promised), shook hands with eddie degarmo! i used to blast his stuff years ago...really love the new "hero" production! oh, and fred lynch of PID was there. sat in on his rap stylings and took his class. MAN HAVE I GOT TO GET SOME RHYTHM! this cool violinist gave me some tips on how to KEEP the string tuned while playing my violin.
(speaking of violin, doug made me play with them sunday nite a few weeks ago. boy did that SUCK! working on amazing garce now. actually recognizable!)too many other cool people to list....
anyway thank you! youth specialties for sending us to the confrence. boy did we need it! dan kimball's book is what i am trying to absorb now. will try to get pictures up some time, have problems since the program only wants to load my stuff on sam's blog...
so we came back and the last month have suddenly had over 30 kids each night! prepared just in time! shew!
this week these very awesome (sic) guys came and did a concert for us. Cycle Down. they were so great. we had some where around 75 kids! it was insane. and c raised his hand to get saved. been praying for him awile.
we are trying out some emergent worship ideas and it seems to be better than what we have been doing.
so we are trying to blend it in.they did a special concert for our anniversary, the teens goth'd us up.dyed sam's hair black, did our makeup. it was fun. i love my ~*~hubby~*~ wow! TEN years of marriage. it really is fabulous. even if i want to smack him sometimes! i am more passionate about him today then i was then. he knows me.

so have made another poncho...finished it while waiting in the hospital for my surgery. felted a series of wool bags...including a sophie bag with a celtic knot closure. also a few scarves, taught broomstick lace at KnitWits,
working on those suede baby ugg booties. oh i am attempting to make a celtic plait in cables with cascade 220.
this is my first cable attempt. think i will make it an earwarmer/headband thing. also making a knitted cover for my knitter's journal. i am also working out a berroco coat, but SHEESH what is wrong with their patterns. are they all translated from foriegn languages? they are redundant, unclear, desperately in need of rewrites and always needing correcting. doubt i will use another on of these as anything but an idea to modify and work up. berroco actually said to devvy that their 'patterns don't make the models.too many people knit different , and that no one follows guage any more.' !!!! doesn't sound like a responsible or smart company policy! so i will buy their yarn, and ignore their books.

got 2 new knitting books "teen knitting club" and "scarf style"??? i think, by an interweave editor. it has 31 scarves that look challenging and i actually want to try. the teen book should be great for the youthgroup girls. has cute stuff.

well gotta go to my ufo's and get them done.

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