Thursday, August 26, 2004

You get me

last week sam was talking about psalm 139. the day after he shared this psalm with the youth group, i was at feather river getting my stomach et al viewed thru an ultrasound. as i lay there with my hubby nearby (last ultrasound scare they waited til sam left the room to tell me my baby boy,malachai, had downs syn..... which he does not by the way. but i want him in the room if anyone decides to share anything again!)
anyway so i am laying there and all i can think about is kezzi at not even 7 weeks gestation, and her tiny heart beating on the screen, what they see now.(THANKFULLY not another heart beat. shew! i am happy with the 5 i have!) and i am wondering if they see any clues to why i am in pain. "O L-rd you have searched me and you know me." "for You created my inner most being. You knit me together in my mother's womb." G-d you know what we don't know. You see what we can't or would even think to look for.
it was peaceful knowing although this was the first time the technician had seen inside me, and the first time sam saw all those weird things that are in me, that G-d knew what was there. He knew me inside and out before anyone else. before i even knew my self. There is no where i can go that He cannot see me. there is nothing i can hide from Him. when it seems no one else understands...Jesus GETS me. songtime....

Wonderful,Is what I perceived,This life would be:Pain and problem free.But over time,I found reality,And through it all I see,That you're the only one,Who gets me.(chorus)I may be misunderstood,Cuz I would'nt ever fake it;Your'e the only one who understands my pain.Cuz you get me.Does'nt matter what they do,What the think,What they say,At the end of the day,I'm okay anyways.Cuz you get me.No more tears,It's a silent ride.You've broken down all fears,Cuz you have made an all of me.You know me better,Than I know myself.The key to my security,Cuz there is no one else,Who gets me.(chorus)I don't care what the world may say,I hear you calling my name,And I reach for you,Reach for you.There is nothing that I'd rather do,Than to worship you Lord,I wanna worship you,Worship you.I'm Okay, I'm Okay, I'm Okay, Im Okay.

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