Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Yarn contains pheromones!

oh look here is a posting i thought was lost to cyber space!

back in April i learned how to knit. mom taught me to crochet about 25 yrs ago. i decide i would not be conquered by 2 pointy sticks. so i bought SNB and finally got past just CO.
according to the knitting geek code, i am:
KCR++ Exp SPM+ Addi++ Wood+ Bam Syn Nov(++)Wool++ Lux++ Hemp Stash+(++) Scale+ Fin+ Ent? FI++@ Int Lace-@ Felt++ Flat- Circ+++ DPN ML2 Swatch- Gauge F S DK(W) KIP(++) FO+ WIP+(++) Blog SNB++ ALT-CR-X-Em-RS

if you want to break the code, you can go to: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring04/FEATgeekcode.html
i finally finished shelynn's purse. (why don't any of the stores here carry black wool???) so i thought i would post it. it was knitted and semi felted since i could only find a wool blend from my LYS....even the NLYS didn't have 100%. oh well, it turned out really cute. i put big grommets in it. needs a chain of some sort to goth it up. it sorts followed the sophie purse pattern, from knitty.com i think.

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