Saturday, July 31, 2004

Mother of 5 abducted by aliens!

today i sat in the sun, covered with suds and road grime with some of my favourite
alien youth. the Bible says we are strangers, not of this world. And nothing prooves that more than an
peirced, mohawk-ed bunch of Jesus freaks! some where between lewis spraying people, chai and jaden throwing soap on people. it hits me...I am so priveledged to get to see G-d at work in their lives.
i may kvetch about the time and energy involved every now and then. but then G-d shows me what He has been up to in their lives.....and i am humbled to get to bear witness to the changes, the glow they get talking bout their Saviour, and the mature, all be it, RARE ....moments they have.
Can't wait to see what our next year together is like!

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