Thursday, December 23, 2004


yesterdays mail brought me some really great yarn. colinette zanziba. it is so fun. now what do i do with it.
there is this guy i found by accident. i was searching for a corrected cable chart b/c the one in my ultimate source for knitting and crochet is wrong. so i stumbled upon VISIKNIT. you type in your instructions for the cable and it spits out a lovely chart! but being stuck in internet explorer land... i was unable to print it, copy it, anything. so i let the immensely talented designer know. he sent me yarn.
now what shall i make with it? and how do iget knit wits to order from colinette?
you can read more about david & visiknit here:
and if you look at dec 3 you will see his version of the story.

Monday, December 20, 2004


The WeatherPixie

White trash cookies
take this test!
we are baking cookies and laughing so hard!
i am 11% white trash, just so you know that is 3 % less than annie modesitt, the knitting heretic.
mom was an unfortunate 43% (living in the trailer and parking the truck next to the house killed her score!), but the best was our relatives by marriage! 74% evil stepmonster#3, and sil from hell 84%!
boy do i feel vindicated!
trust me .take the test! even better take it for your enemies!

lee's pixie

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Chaos of Christmas

Boy it is times like these i am relieved to be a jewish girl!
Chanukah is over, was wonderful. i got spoiled!
Sam & i braved the mall saturday nite with patrick, josh and all 5 kiddos.
what a crazy place! i did see some awesome boots that were half off! had cash but no one compliant enough to let me figure out the size i would need. which is always a hassle! any where from a 6 - 7 1/2. high arch, wide foot...cant just yank a box of a shelf! on the way out, bella actually did the bill cosby i have no spine routine. it was so bad all i could do was laugh as i dragged her through the last 50 yds of mall.
i made some extra cash at knit wits. and wanted to spend it.duh!
since it seems impossible to get ebony needles in butte county the boots were the only thing i was jonesin' for. instead i bought 50% off christmas cards and some presents for some one who is not me. pout. i did get spoiled and not really need it!
how i earned my money? knitting of course!
Terry told this guy i could knit him a christmas stocking. got it finished. but had to learn how to change colors. i had no idea how to do that mid row. but i got it finished, sam will deliver it today.(blown clutch! so only 1 car right now)
hopefully he likes it. ok, so i have only been knitting since april....then discovered i was purling wrong. now i am properly knitting (continental style of course). so finishing this was a big deal!
gott 2 pairs of fuzzy feet made. gonna put grandpaw's in a new/empty paint can for its wrapping. he is a handy guy. so a duct tape ribbon and bow to top it off?
a christmas delivery was just made! how fun! where was i? oh! i made a shawl for bonnie metz cuz she wraps me in love all the time, a suede hat with flaps for connor, lee's sophie, hat, arm warmers with ribbon ties, scarves galore, cabled ear warmer, a felted watermelon like bingo bag for grandma, and then there are all the class projects for the knit wits classes! how big are 0000 needles? too tiny. and knitting with beads? haven't done it yet. gotta get that done soon!
Why am i still on this computer! sheesh!
if i get my parents digital i will try to take pictures.(mine is still busted!)

Monday, November 01, 2004


you are deeppink

Your dominant hues are red and magenta. You love doing your own thing and going on your own adventures, but there are close friends you know you just can't leave behind. You can influence others on days when you're patient, but most times you just want to go out, have fun, and do your own thing.

Your saturation level is high - you get into life and have a strong personality. Everyone you meet will either love you or hate you - either way, your goal is to get them to change the world with you. You are very hard working and don't have much patience for people without your initiative.

Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.
the html color quiz

Sunday, October 24, 2004

The WeatherPixie

ok, i was worried....; color: black;">
You preferred Bush's statements 56% of the time
You preferred Kerry's statements 44% of the time

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what color do you think in?

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Work In Progress

Well it has been about 2 months so lets see....where have i been?
Sammy and i ran off to anaheim for a week. stayed with grandmama in hunington beach.
played in the ocean, got fabulous shells! but spent most of our time ayt the nat'l youth workers convention.
that was the best thing i have ever been to! i think david crowder band is awesome! got to schmooze with some of
my most favourite people ever. spoke to toby mac, kutless (still waiting on the shirt they promised), shook hands with eddie degarmo! i used to blast his stuff years ago...really love the new "hero" production! oh, and fred lynch of PID was there. sat in on his rap stylings and took his class. MAN HAVE I GOT TO GET SOME RHYTHM! this cool violinist gave me some tips on how to KEEP the string tuned while playing my violin.
(speaking of violin, doug made me play with them sunday nite a few weeks ago. boy did that SUCK! working on amazing garce now. actually recognizable!)too many other cool people to list....
anyway thank you! youth specialties for sending us to the confrence. boy did we need it! dan kimball's book is what i am trying to absorb now. will try to get pictures up some time, have problems since the program only wants to load my stuff on sam's blog...
so we came back and the last month have suddenly had over 30 kids each night! prepared just in time! shew!
this week these very awesome (sic) guys came and did a concert for us. Cycle Down. they were so great. we had some where around 75 kids! it was insane. and c raised his hand to get saved. been praying for him awile.
we are trying out some emergent worship ideas and it seems to be better than what we have been doing.
so we are trying to blend it in.they did a special concert for our anniversary, the teens goth'd us up.dyed sam's hair black, did our makeup. it was fun. i love my ~*~hubby~*~ wow! TEN years of marriage. it really is fabulous. even if i want to smack him sometimes! i am more passionate about him today then i was then. he knows me.

so have made another poncho...finished it while waiting in the hospital for my surgery. felted a series of wool bags...including a sophie bag with a celtic knot closure. also a few scarves, taught broomstick lace at KnitWits,
working on those suede baby ugg booties. oh i am attempting to make a celtic plait in cables with cascade 220.
this is my first cable attempt. think i will make it an earwarmer/headband thing. also making a knitted cover for my knitter's journal. i am also working out a berroco coat, but SHEESH what is wrong with their patterns. are they all translated from foriegn languages? they are redundant, unclear, desperately in need of rewrites and always needing correcting. doubt i will use another on of these as anything but an idea to modify and work up. berroco actually said to devvy that their 'patterns don't make the models.too many people knit different , and that no one follows guage any more.' !!!! doesn't sound like a responsible or smart company policy! so i will buy their yarn, and ignore their books.

got 2 new knitting books "teen knitting club" and "scarf style"??? i think, by an interweave editor. it has 31 scarves that look challenging and i actually want to try. the teen book should be great for the youthgroup girls. has cute stuff.

well gotta go to my ufo's and get them done.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Googlism takes advantage of's powerful search engine for a truly noble purpose: a quick laugh. Entering a word into Googlism's search box and selecting from a who, what, where, or when category provides a glance into what Google (and the Web) thinks of you.
this is what it said about me:
heatherly is the best singer i've ever heard
heatherly is a research agronomistheatherly is just such a person (this would be in a jewish bubbe voice! oi! such a person!)
heatherly is an amazing guitar player
heatherly is an avid deer hunter
heatherly is part of the star studded lineup performing at the ifco concert
heatherly is not like many other 'popular' country artists of today ­ and that's not a bad thing
heatherly is set to take the stage about 8 pm in the agricultural building
heatherly is a native of chatanooga
heatherly is just one of the many country themes here
heatherly is an outsider
heatherly is best described as a woman possessed by music nearly all of her life
heatherly is destined for stardom
heatherly is more of a hipster
heatherly is an administrative specialist who has been with the 9th tsc for about a year after spending about 10 years on active duty
heatherly is the area manager in shipping and warehouse at goodyear tire and rubber company in union city
heatherly is a graduate of the university of tennessee
heatherly is a us army veteran of the vietnam war
heatherly is on
heatherly is a star
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heatherly is buried at the marker to the right
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heatherly is executive vice president of the claremont institute
heatherly is reminding his team that the 1992 gladiators started the season 0


Thursday, August 26, 2004

You get me

last week sam was talking about psalm 139. the day after he shared this psalm with the youth group, i was at feather river getting my stomach et al viewed thru an ultrasound. as i lay there with my hubby nearby (last ultrasound scare they waited til sam left the room to tell me my baby boy,malachai, had downs syn..... which he does not by the way. but i want him in the room if anyone decides to share anything again!)
anyway so i am laying there and all i can think about is kezzi at not even 7 weeks gestation, and her tiny heart beating on the screen, what they see now.(THANKFULLY not another heart beat. shew! i am happy with the 5 i have!) and i am wondering if they see any clues to why i am in pain. "O L-rd you have searched me and you know me." "for You created my inner most being. You knit me together in my mother's womb." G-d you know what we don't know. You see what we can't or would even think to look for.
it was peaceful knowing although this was the first time the technician had seen inside me, and the first time sam saw all those weird things that are in me, that G-d knew what was there. He knew me inside and out before anyone else. before i even knew my self. There is no where i can go that He cannot see me. there is nothing i can hide from Him. when it seems no one else understands...Jesus GETS me. songtime....

Wonderful,Is what I perceived,This life would be:Pain and problem free.But over time,I found reality,And through it all I see,That you're the only one,Who gets me.(chorus)I may be misunderstood,Cuz I would'nt ever fake it;Your'e the only one who understands my pain.Cuz you get me.Does'nt matter what they do,What the think,What they say,At the end of the day,I'm okay anyways.Cuz you get me.No more tears,It's a silent ride.You've broken down all fears,Cuz you have made an all of me.You know me better,Than I know myself.The key to my security,Cuz there is no one else,Who gets me.(chorus)I don't care what the world may say,I hear you calling my name,And I reach for you,Reach for you.There is nothing that I'd rather do,Than to worship you Lord,I wanna worship you,Worship you.I'm Okay, I'm Okay, I'm Okay, Im Okay.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

a piggy back from a big sister. LIFE IS GOOD! Posted by Hello
poncho knit from berrocco's duo yarn. Posted by Hello

Yarn contains pheromones!

knitting geek code? another effort to label and define. why do we hate labels and seek to create them at the same time? kelly asked me why everyone tries to label her. i think the only label i want to show,haha, is Who i belong to. to sort of quote dctalk.."i don't really care if they label me a Jesus Freak, there ain't no disguising the truth". that is the label i want. i can just see a tag that says "touchy and hormonal but blended with fun and lots of love. handle with care, tumble dry on low heat."
shelynn's fuzzy knit purse from "funny" yarn Posted by Hello

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Yarn contains pheromones!

oh look here is a posting i thought was lost to cyber space!

back in April i learned how to knit. mom taught me to crochet about 25 yrs ago. i decide i would not be conquered by 2 pointy sticks. so i bought SNB and finally got past just CO.
according to the knitting geek code, i am:
KCR++ Exp SPM+ Addi++ Wood+ Bam Syn Nov(++)Wool++ Lux++ Hemp Stash+(++) Scale+ Fin+ Ent? FI++@ Int Lace-@ Felt++ Flat- Circ+++ DPN ML2 Swatch- Gauge F S DK(W) KIP(++) FO+ WIP+(++) Blog SNB++ ALT-CR-X-Em-RS

if you want to break the code, you can go to:
i finally finished shelynn's purse. (why don't any of the stores here carry black wool???) so i thought i would post it. it was knitted and semi felted since i could only find a wool blend from my LYS....even the NLYS didn't have 100%. oh well, it turned out really cute. i put big grommets in it. needs a chain of some sort to goth it up. it sorts followed the sophie purse pattern, from i think.

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Mother of 5 abducted by aliens!

today i sat in the sun, covered with suds and road grime with some of my favourite
alien youth. the Bible says we are strangers, not of this world. And nothing prooves that more than an
peirced, mohawk-ed bunch of Jesus freaks! some where between lewis spraying people, chai and jaden throwing soap on people. it hits me...I am so priveledged to get to see G-d at work in their lives.
i may kvetch about the time and energy involved every now and then. but then G-d shows me what He has been up to in their lives.....and i am humbled to get to bear witness to the changes, the glow they get talking bout their Saviour, and the mature, all be it, RARE ....moments they have.
Can't wait to see what our next year together is like!

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